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With contributions from Version 1’s license experts, Paul Bullen and Karl O’Doherty

Managing your enterprise license estate can be a herculean task and one that requires skilled resource, processes and, more often than not, some tools. Note here that we said TOOLS, plural.

There is no single tool on the…

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Top 3 Tips for Adopting FinOps

With the growth in cloud adoption comes the inevitable growth in associated consumption costs — this can sometimes be a cost that either goes unnoticed until the bill arrives or is so complex and dynamic, the challenge feels insurmountable.

As quoted by the FinOps…

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My 2-part blog series discusses the topic of vendor negotiation strategies; why it’s important to have one and the benefits this can ultimately deliver.

Part I covered in detail, some of the benefits a strategy will create and what you need to have in place to deliver. This 2nd and…

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Negotiating with multinational vendors takes preparation and teamwork, particularly if the purchase is materially significant for your business. …

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Vendor Audit Readiness — Top Tips to Help You Prepare for a Vendor Audit.

Software vendors have legitimate justification to audit their customers, to ensure that they are complying with license contract terms & conditions and are paying for the software that they are using. Simple as that.

For large…

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With contributions from Version 1 license experts, Paul Bullen and Karl O’Doherty

As experts in enterprise license optimisation, we are all too familiar with the intricacies of license audits and the behaviours displayed by vendors. Audits are notoriously tricky and can be stressful for staff running scripts and liaising with…

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It is not ‘’if’’ but ‘’when’’ you will be approached by IBM for an IBM Software License Review. Even if you are in an IBM Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) you still need to make a self-declaration (soft audit) before you renew for another 3 years.

As a license review from…

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Last month Oracle served up it’s Q4 performance figures to analysts and investors blaming poor performance in certain industry sectors on COVID-19 affected customers delaying or cancelling projects.

Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a corresponding drop in share price as the markets assessed the latest update from Redwood.

But, from a…

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The last few weeks during these ‘unprecedented’ times (yes that word has been used a lot, but it’s true), have resulted in a global ‘call to action’ in responding to an extraordinary shift in how we all try to maintain our daily working (and learning) lives.

I’ve worked in the…

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If you are a user of Oracle technology then you will, no doubt, be a visitor to the various documentation, forum, support and blog sites provided by big-red.

There is a veritable smorgasbord of content out there for the techies amongst you. With enough judicious googling (whatever happened to powerbrowser?)…

Jason Pepper

Head of SAM Practice at Version 1. I used to be technical, now I spend my time navigating the backwaters of EULAs and vendor contracts..

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